Bursaries 2018



VHN: Ireland 2018 will provide a number of bursaries to students, jobseekers, and unemployed researchers to attend or present their work at the conference. These will cover the registration fees but subject to adequate resources they may also contribute to or cover travelling and accommodation. If you are interested in one of the bursaries please ‘tick’ the relevant box in the form of submission and attach one document that will include 1)1 pg. cover letter; 2) 2 page CV; 3) budget for travelling and accommodation. In case you will not present at the conference but you would still like to be considered for a registration fee waiver to attend the conference and/or workshop, please send us an email with a cover letter and CV attached to submit.vhnireland@gmail.com by 1 February 2018 and put in the subject line: VHN Bursaries.