Orla Murphy – VHN 2016 Local Committee Chair 


Orla is a lecturer in the Discipline of Digital Arts and Humanities in the School of English at University College Cork Ireland.  She researches and teaches in the Digital Arts and Humanities Program at UCC and in the national, inter-institutional DAH PhD program in Ireland. She was awarded an inaugural Fulbright TechImpact Scholar award for 2014-2015. Named a Digital Champion at UCC in 2013 she now chairs the E-Learning strategy sub committee of the university’s Academic Council.

She is chair of the Information Visualisation working group in the NeDiMAH.eu initiative (the European network for digital methods in the arts and humanities) with Fredrik Palm of the HumLAB, Umea U, Sweden, and vice-chair of the Algorithms group in the EU CoST Action Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage where she convenes the successful international Think Tank series for Early Stage Researchers.

Co-coordinator of the MA in Digital Arts and Humanities and the online MA program in Digital Cultures, she is also the Director of the innovative BA in Digital Humanities and Information Technology at UCC a transdisciplinary BA program working with colleagues in Computer Science over a 4 year program cycle, the first of its kind in Ireland.

She is interested in how culture is, was and will be communicated in all its forms including 3D representation, and in how we read, represent and share knowledge in new networked, virtual environments.


Gary Dempsey – VHN 2016 2016 Deputy Chair 


Gary  is an ordinary member of the VHN:Ireland Standing Committee.  He works with Galway based visualization company RealSim Ltd as a 3D Environment Designer and Historical Research. RealSim are producers of highly realistic interactive and passive 3D simulations of the world around us, which include applications for historical environment re-construction, marine simulation, and urban planning.

In 2014 Gary graduated among the first group of students on the International Heritage Visualisation (MSc.) course at the Digital Design Studio, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland.  He as since developed a number of community based 3D recording projects including the Roscommon3d and Galway3d projects.  He founded the Digital Heritage Age facebook group along with Orla-Peach Power to encourage the development of community based digital heritage projects, and promote the work of digital heritage in general.

His current research is centered around experimenting with digital recording and developing open access recording methods for use in heritage and archaeology.

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Shawn Day – VHN 2016 Social Media Supervisor 

kingjohnsShawn Day is a Lecturer at University College Cork in Digital Humanities. His also lectures at Queen’s University Belfast, Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin in Digital and Medical Humanities and Social Computing. His professional experience includes a number of private venture startups in customer relationship management and information architecture, and research in social and economic history.

His personal research explores the social and economic circumstances of the nineteenth century retail liquor trade using digital, spatial and social network analysis to discover the relationships between credit, respectability, and order in the Victorian community. Recent articles have examined the social dimensions of the Victorian public mental hospital using GIS and statistical modeling tools. Past involvement includes a number of successful and innovative digital humanities projects including large manuscript census databases in the 1871/1891 census project (University of Guelph), the national TAPoR text analysis portal project, the Canadian Network for Economic History (CNEH), the Network for Canadian History and the Environment (NiCHE), NeDIMAH Space and Time Workgroup and the Digital Humanities Observatory (DHO-RIA).

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Orla-Peach Power – VHN2016 Submissions Officer


Orla-Peach is a recent graduate of the MA in Digital Arts and Humanities at University College Cork where she studied the application of photogrammetry in recording at risk commemorative stone monuments from the 16 th – 18 th centuries respectively.

She recently began her PhD within the same discipline to assess the role of 3D visualisation techniques on a larger dataset within the West Cork area. Orla-Peach is a research assistant on the IRC funded Deep Maps: West Cork Coastal Cultures project which is a transdisciplinary project between the School of English and the School of Biological Environmental, and Earth Sciences. Orla-Peach will be responsible for visualising and communicating the range of data collated as part of the Deep Maps project, and is also charged with the task of developing and maintaining an online presence via social media platforms and an integrated

Orla-Peach runs social media accounts for Digital Heritage Age and the Environmental Archaeology in Ireland workgroup, and is a committee member of same.

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Pat Tanner – VHN2016 Digital Recording Liaison Officer

Pat Tanner

Pat has been building, repairing and sailing boats for over 25 years, and is currently working on the Traditional Boats of Ireland Project to record and document Irelands disappearing maritime heritage. Projects completed to date include documenting a large number of traditional Irish vessels, as well as digital reconstructions of the 16th C Drogheda Boat for the Underwater Archaeology Unit of Ireland, the Newport (Wales) Medieval Ship, the Grand Hotel Shipwrecks in Stockholm and the Poole Iron Age logboat. Pat is also a part-time PhD student in Maritime Archaeology at the University of Southampton. This research focuses on the use of 3D scanning and advanced 3D digital modelling for the reconstruction, testing and validation of archaeological ship wrecks.

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Kate Colbert – VHN2016 Exhibitors and Sponsors Coordinator


Kate earned her MA in Archaeological Excavation from University College Cork in 2013.  Since then she has given guest lectures on Irish archaeology at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, USA.  She was also involved in the third season of the Rathnadrinna Research Project in Cashel, Co. Tipperary.  Currently she is in the second year of her PhD at University College Cork, focusing on the early medieval sculpture of southeast Ireland.  Her work incorporates photogrammetry and reflectance transformation imaging not only as a means of digital preservation, but also to enhance analysis of the monuments and explore theoretical connections between sculpture form and function as it pertains to mnemonic boundaries, commemoration and acts of remembrance.  Research interests include stone sculpture, art history, landscape archaeology, social identity, and monument biography.


Patrick O’Toole – VHN2016 Student Liaison Officer

unnamedPatrick is currently living in Cork studying Digital Humanities and Information Technology at UCC. Originaly from Galway, Patrick has a background in music, studying Music performance he went on to focus on playing, recording and teaching Music. Patrick’s current research interest is in exploring new and alternative media platforms and ways to tell a story. He is looking to use his experience in Music and the new skills gained studying Digital Humanities to work on some passion projects.