Thursday 19th November

10am-5pm Workshop on Computational Imaging
Teaching & Training Lab, North Campus, Iontas Building, An Foras Feasa


* Download a pdf of the programme: VHN2015_Programme_Final

Friday 20th November
St. Patrick’s College, Renehan Hall, South Campus

11:45-12:30 Registration

12:30-14:15 3D Data Capture, Representation & Reconstruction (Part 1)
Chair/ Discussant: Anthony Corns

Nora White – Ogham in 3D – Digitising Ireland’s Ogham Stones

Anthony Corns, Aaron Deevy, Gary Devlin, Louise Kennedy, Robert Shaw – 3D-ICONS Ireland: Online Delivery of Complex Architectural 3D Models

Michael Ann Bevivino – Breaking the Mould: Ireland’s Replicas of Cultural Objects from the Historic to the Digital

Thomas Nelligan & Gary Dempsey – Picking Up the Pieces: Digital Reconstruction of a Romanesque Doorway at Old Kyle, Co. Laois

David Monaghan – RePlay: Digitally Capturing Unique Skills in European Traditional Sports and Games

14:15-15:45 3D Data Capture, Representation & Reconstruction (Part 2)
Chair/ Discussant: Paul Reilly

James Bonsall & Sam Moore – Take a Picture – It Will Last Longer: Use of Low-cost Photogrammetry to Record Vulnerable Coastal Archaeology

Clara Molina Sanchez & Nicolas Boyes – Applications of Digital Documentation in Conservation of Cultural Heritage: Case Study of the Jawbone Arch

Daniel Maher – A Birds Eye View: An Analysis of the Validity of the UAV Photogrammetry Platform in the Rapid Documentation of Cultural Heritage Under Threat

Debra Laefer & Jonathan Byrne – 15 Minutes in the Sky: a New, Fast, Low-cost Approach to Heritage Documentation

15:45-16:15 Coffee Break

16:15-18:00 Digital Interaction and Museums (Part 1)
Chair/ Discussant: Stuart Jeffrey

Andrew Todd – Provocation by Design: – Creating Interpretive Visitor Experiences which Captivate, Thrill and Inspire

Jacopo Tabolli – A Virtual Museum and a Real Community: From Images to Identities in Mazzano Romano, Italy

Pim Van Bree & Geert Kessels – Opportunites and Theoretical Challenges of Low-Cost Visualisation and Interaction Technologies for Digital Heritage Data

James Moran – EON World Heritage Initiative 

Howard Goldbaum – Myths and Megaliths: From the Darkroom to the Oculus Rift

18:00-18:15 Break

18:15-19:15 Keynote Talk by Lyn Wilson: 3D Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage: Case Studies from The Scottish Ten Project

19:15-19:45 Launch of the Digital Simulation Project – Contested Memories: The Battle of Mount Street Bridge

19:45-20:30 Wine Reception

20:45 Conference Dinner @ Avenue Cafe and Restaurant – Maynooth (optional)


Saturday 21st November

08:30-09:00 Registration

9:00-10:30 Digital Interaction and Museums (Part 2)
Chair/ Discussant: Christine Morris

Aine Mangaoang – Sounding Dublin: Mapping Contemporary Popular Music Experience and Promoting Music Tourism

Patrick Egan – Tracing Sean O’Riada’s Projects in a Digital Context

David Vacas – Bringing an Archive to Life through Augmented Reality: the ‘Excavating Egypt’ Exhibition

Javier Pereda – Exploring Online Cultural Heritage. Integrating Queries Through Tangible User Interfaces on the Web

10:30-10:50 Coffee Break

10:50-13:00 The Digital and Beyond
Chair/ Discussant: Will Megarry

Joshua Savage – History at the Next Level: Commercial Video Gaming as Academic Virtual Heritage Objects

Wim Hupperetz – The Digital Heritage Paradox

Stuart Jeffrey, Alex Hale, Sian Jones, Cara Jones & Mhairi Maxwell – The ACCORD Project: Community Co-production, Authenticity and Authority

Paul Reilly, Stephen Todd & Andy Walter – Restoring the Digital Old Minister of Winchester

Susan Schreibman & Costas Papadopoulos – The Battle of Mount Street Bridge: Digital Simulation for Historical Research

John Buckley – The Battle of Mount Street Bridge: 3D Modelling & Artificial Intelligence – Problems and Perspectives

13:00-13:45 Lunch Break

13:45-14:45 Keynote Talk by Jeremy Huggett: Virtually Real or Really Virtual: towards a Heritage Metaverse

14:45-17:00 3D Analysis and Interpretation
Chair/ Discussant: Frank Lynam

Will Megarry – Using 3D and Network Analysis to Model Visitor Movement at Machu Picchu, Peru

Maurice Murphy & Conor Dore – Historic Building Information Modelling (HBIM) of the Four Courts and Henrietta Street, Historic Classical Buildings in Dublin City

Evelien Dirix – Historic Building Information Modelling (HBIM) as a Potential Tool for Adaptive Reuse

John Meneely – Small Changes, Big Results: 4D Monitoring of Stone Decay

Olivia Cheronet & Manon Galland – Technological Advances in the Study of Cranial Morphology

Pat Tanner – 3D Scanning, Contact Digitising and Advanced 3D Digital Modelling for the reconstruction and Analysis of Boats and Ships


Poster Presentations

Beatriz Piedecausa-García & Juan Carlos Pérez-Sánchez – Visualisation and 3D Modelling as Tools for Constructive Analysis of Historic Buildings in the Province of Alicante (Spain)

Discovery Programme – 3D Icons

Frank Lynam – KindAReal: Discover Dublin

* Please plan your presentation to take a maximum of 12 minutes. There will be group discussion and questions from the audience at the end of each session.


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