Recreating the Ancient Past

Saturday, 2 April 2016 | Trinity Long Room Hub | 10:00 – 16:00

Recreating the Ancient Past is the 2016 Day School of the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens. As an outreach event it is open to anyone interested in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds organised by the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens and the Department of Classics, Trinity College Dublin.

This year’s theme invites us to reflect on the myriad ways in which the past can be ‘recreated’ in the present. The papers are therefore wide-ranging, taking us from the reception of classical themes into modern cultural forms such as poetry or theatrical performance to more modern forms of recreation such as replication work in archaeology and the digital worlds of virtual reality and 3D representations.

Programme of speakers:

  • Stephen Fox
    Illusive Motifs: Reconstructing the Mycenaean Figure-of-Eight Shield from Concepts to Combat
  • Charlie Kerrigan
    Recreating Rome? Reading Virgil in Britain, 1900-1920
  • Frank Lynam
    What is the city but the people? Applying VR techniques to the study of Bronze Age Cretan Urban Space
  • Sonya Nevin
    Animation and Creativity with Ancient Greek Vases: The Panoply Vase Animation Project
  • Sue O’Neill
    From Syria to London: the re-figuration of eastern material culture and western political narratives
  • Costas Papadopoulos
    Simulations of Light: Computational Reconstruction of Archaeological Spaces
  • Patrick Sammom, Sean McCrum & Anthony Kelly
    Kassandra: A Puppet in Argos

Booking details: 
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